Youth Wellness Pod - under construction


We are developing wellness resources for sixth formers and young people using these  building blocks ;

-basics (includes safeguarding and toxic stress)

-supportive relationships

-quality sleep

-balanced nutrition

-regular exercise

-emotional and mental health

-mindful activities


Once funding is secured, we intend running mobile youth wellness pods for schools staffed by coaches, counsellors, creative artists including drama therapists and healers. 


Alpiri Coaching and Safety Plan 

What do we mean by basics? - under development

In Groups and Out Groups- the neuroscience - under development

Stress Health  - effects of toxic stress on health- Center for Youth Wellness, San Francisco

ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Quiz - is this a useful intervention?

should young people know about this research?

Asperger Health - Too Much Information campaign - under development

Anxiety Health - under development

ADHD- what is it? - under development

Responsive relationships - see mindful emotion coaching resources

Neuroscience of brain development from pregnancy through to age 25 years

'everything genetic is shaped by the relationships we have and the environment we live in'

Food Health - first presentation 23rd August, Sherborne

Regular Exercise - under development

Mental Health - under construction - in meantime link to beyondblue and

Mindful Activities -  Andy Puddicombe's 30 days of mindfulness

Sleep Health - Link with TUCK

 Book  on line coaching - Young People, Parents and Teachers


EHCAP Ltd does not provide an Urgent Care service. Please contact your GP or go to Accident and Emergency if you need Urgent Care. Samaritans provide 24 hour support by telephone and email  116 123 (UK) or 


With thanks to Beyond Blue for this video clip - please note that all the emergency contacts in this clip are 

valid in Australia and not the UK


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